Mod-Sin Lunch at Ujong

Today, a friend of mine took me to a newly opened restaurant called Ujong. Owned by Chef Shen Tan  who’s known for her so-called “Mod-Sin” (Modern Singaporean) cuisine. Mod-Sin cuisine is a combination of the eastern flavours of Singapore with a dash of western tang. The truth is, before I came to this restaurant, I haven’t really heard about Mod-Sin cuisine. To be honest, when my friend tried to explain what it meant, it didn’t really sound too appetizing, but after I had a taste of their food, I was glad that she took me there!

The Place

It’s conveniently situated near the City Hall MRT station, occupying the space which was previously Empire Café at the Raffles Hotel. For a restaurant that serves a Mod-Sin cuisine, the location was definitely appropriate as the classic character of the Raffles Hotel façade blends in well with the semi-modern Peranakan look they were trying to establish within the restaurant interior. The place was comfortably spacious and the lighting was just right. But I thought it was quite weird how they set up the entrances (or exit). As we had to enter from the other side of the restaurant which was occupied by another café / restaurant. And the waiter from that other restaurant had to direct us to Ujong’s entrance. Maybe they still need to figure out how this setup could work.

The Food

I have been craving for Claypot Rice for quite sometime, so for my main dish, I ordered the Claypot Rice. The Claypot Rice comes in two variants, the one with Duck Char Siew and the other one with 5 Spice Pork. I’m a “Pork” person so naturally I ordered the 5 Spice Pork version.  The serving size was decent. I love how they captured the authentic “Claypot Rice” flavour and texture. It has the right amount of saltiness and colour and  a hint of salted fish taste  without the overpowering smell. But the 5 Spice Pork topping is definitely its crowning glory.

I’m not really a dessert person. But when I had the first taste of Ujong’s Shendol Delights: Coconut Panna Cotta, my eyes instantly lit up and there’s only one word that I could say would describe it…PHENOMENAL! If there’s one dessert that I could say that I really loved, this would be it! The Panna Cotta was smooth and creamy with the right amount of sweetness. I loved how the coconut flavour was dominant and yet not overpowering. The red bean ice cream was nicely done as it had a smooth texture without the added roughness of the red bean skin.

The Verdict

So what’s the overall verdict? Two thumbs up! I can’t wait to come back and taste the rest of Chef Shen Tan’s masterpiece! They also have a very enticing breakfast menu, so I’m also considering dropping by one of these days for breakfast!

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