Mod-Sin Lunch at Ujong

Today, a friend of mine took me to a newly opened restaurant called Ujong. Owned by Chef Shen Tan  who’s known for her so-called “Mod-Sin” (Modern Singaporean) cuisine. Mod-Sin cuisine is a combination of the eastern flavours of Singapore with a dash of western tang. The truth is, before I came to this restaurant, I haven’t really heard about Mod-Sin cuisine. […]

A haunting visit to Pere Lachaise cemetery

I visited a rather unusual tourist destination in Paris. Many people consider this place desolate and dismal. But this place had a certain allure to it. And my little trip to the Pere Lachaise cemetery reminded me how life should be celebrated despite its bitter sorrows. A lot of famous people are laid to rest here. […]

Spain: Barcelona

Barcelona is pulsating with vivid beauty. There are so many interesting subjects to photograph in this city. Although photographs, no matter how well composed or captured, will never justify the true beauty of Barcelona. Here are a few of the shots I took. You may also read about how my trip went in this post.